Congratulations, someone downloaded your eBook. This introduction is your chance to make sure that they actually read the book from cover to cover.

Reading an entire book can seem like a big task. This introduction gives you a chance to convince your reader that they will miss out if they do not take the time to read the complete book.

Your introduction should be no more than one page long so that a busy person can scan read and still get a good idea of the overall message.

Key Subjects

What are the main benefits that a reader will receive from this book? How will the knowledge in this book help them to improve? Summarise these in a simple bullet list:

  • How to improve on something they are already doing?
  • How to learn a new technique that will save them time or money?
  • Give them greater insight into a specific subject?

Finish the introduction with a personal message to the reader. Speaking directly to your audience helps to show that the book was tailored for their individual needs.

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